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About Us

Since 1996, McCulley, Eastham & Associates, Inc. is a team of dedicated safety professionals whose philosophy is that worker safety and health can be both simple and effective in preventing unsafe acts and unsafe work conditions.

Our staff brings both the technical training required to identify practical solutions to safety challenges in both the Construction and General Industry fields and also “hands-on” experience in the implementation of safety.  This unique blend of technical expertise and real world implementation allows our team of safety professionals to evaluate each client, determine their specific needs and identify what safety systems/ practices/ procedures will work best based on their unique needs, not a “one-way-solves-it-all” mentality. 

We understand that clients not only require answers to their questions, but also seek direction on ways to anticipate problems before they arise.  By working with clients through both the conceptual and implementation phases, our staff has helped many companies create and maintain safer work environments for all employees.

Our services are focused to prevent accidents by helping our clients not only meet and exceed regulatory requirements, but also to develop safe work environments by increasing the knowledge and awareness of safety issues of all employees.  This allows for better understanding of the safety processes and leads to a higher level of safety, quality and ultimately a more profitable business.   


Things we DON'T do: 

We do NOT sell first aid, PPE or other safety supplies - but we work with several great vendors who can supply these items for you, iYOU decide you have a need.  We want our clients to know that our solutions to worker safety and health hazards are based solely on workable solutions and not based on commissions, kickbacks, etc. 


We do NOT supply uniforms, rugs, equipment parts, etc., we ONLY perform safety & health services.  Safety and Health is ALL we do, NOT something "else" we do!


As a general rule, we do NOT provide online only training, although this option is necessary at times due to the number of people involved, schedule, etc. Our thousands of hours of training and worker interaction has led us to determine that most workers understand the "what's in it for me" concept the best when interacting in person with trainers/ instructors.  This is especially true for high risk/ specialty training such as Hazardous Materials Response, Permit Required Confined Space Rescue, Advanced Rigging, Mobile Equipment Operations, etc.   

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Meet The Team

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